The new year, a new fable, a new sky

The stress and activities of the holidays have passed, and so has a long-in-the-planning large group family vacation. Vacations are fun, and often filled with stressful hassles, not so unlike the holidays. It seems as if it’s been nothing but go-go-go, and for the past month or more I’ve felt like I was on some treadmill to finals week.

There’s a poorly mixed metaphor.

tangerine sky

tangerine sky

Now, though, I’m ready to put my energy toward other things, and take on 2011 for the challenge of a new year. I’ve an itch to find inspiration, to take something and explore it, alter it, enhance it, change it in to something new and unexpected. I want the challenge of discovery and creation, and the exhaustion of hard work.

I have some ideas to examine, which range from a pile of scripts to read, to an original video to shoot and edit, to the all-encompassing endeavor of writing and work-shopping a new play.

The new play revolves around a mystery and the search for the truth. But it’s not just the truth but really a search for what is truth. What defines truth is becoming whatever it is one believes, based on knowledge or facts to which credence is given for whatever credit and value is assigned by the believer. Personal opinion has become its own monetary and marketed system, its own economy, its own actuality.

It’s an exploration of our modern society where my truth and your truth co-exist and each maintains its credibility despite the conflicting facts, and it fractures the world we once knew.

It’s all there in a simple modern fable, just waiting to be written and told.

That may be the tangerine sky I’m seeking.


10 Things about 2010

  1. I completed my full-length play, which lives in limbo waiting for its knight on a white horse of a production.
  2. I work-shopped and staged a challenging script with a committed and fun group of actors. Ari Hoptman is the funniest man I know and almost made me piss my pants in rehearsal. fyi – The script was a drama.

    self-portrait, silhouette on rocks, north shore, fall 2010

  3. I jumped in to the fray of commercial and industrial work (again) and met and worked with awesome people.
  4. I dipped my toe in the pond of Twin Cities independent film, and had some of the most fun acting experiences I’ve had in a long time while shooting a film. I look forward to seeing the results this coming Spring.
  5. I started reading more blogs, finding new ways to write, just for kicks and exercise.
  6. I exercised my creativity while helping design our remodel and construction project, and I now have a comfortable, cozy home. (Side note: in 2011 I need to find that right piece of art to hang over the new fireplace.)
  7. I witnessed a number of spectacular productions, including Unspeakable Things at Sandbox (extremely creative,) The Homecoming at Gremlin (extremely polished acting and directing,) two Minnesota Fringe Festival production: Standing Long Jump (a beautiful new script) and Missing (a beautiful real, one-person show,) and saw some astonishing work in the Tony Award winning August: Osage County.
  8. I took part again in one of the best theatre experiences possible, with Chicago Avenue Project.
  9. I enjoyed my photography hobby, taking over a thousand pictures throughout the year and shared a few here.
  10. I failed to expand my horizons, having only completed 1 of the 5 items I listed on that 2010 Resolutions…or What I’ve told myself back in January. The only thing I accomplished was #2 which didn’t even get me out of the house. Maybe I’ll blame it on having spent so much time, energy and money on making the new house this year. Yeah, that’s it.
Happy New Year!

Begin Again

Tonight we started a two night workshop of the new version of the script. I thought I’d post a picture about it. I’ve used this analogy before, but so what, right?

This is the sun rising at Mather Point in the Grand Canyon. Silhouetted are several people (of around a hundred or so) who anxiously waited the moment.

I was anxious to hear the script out loud and get feedback on it.

I don’t think it compares to the spiritual moment that happened when the sun peaked over the cliff. But it’s still a whole new beginning.

Too much and Not enough

My head’s a bit muddled. Too many thoughts, too many pathways it’s trying to go down.

I’m currently trying to focus on two different scripts: a) my own to develop further, and b) one which I’ll workshop and direct.

Script A is giving me some trouble getting started. Or rather, it’s moving slowly. It’s started. I sort of know what I want to do, I mean I’ve got ideas planned, but it’s not flowing and I need a boost. I think some serious committed time and some outlining might help. This is on the schedule.

Script B is really out of my control, as it’s someone else’s writing. It’s just that I know it needs some significant revision and I have ideas about that, but I need to wait until the appropriate time and place to give that feedback. I think I’ll feel better in a couple weeks after the first workshop. I’ve fortunately put together a strong cast who are going to help this process tremendously, as long as the playwright will be willing to make adjustments. I think he will.

So really, what’s the problem here? The problem is it all feels a bit inactive – there are no hard and fast deadlines to meet, not enough planned meetings, no rehearsals, no…..pressure. All that’s needed is motivation. And perhaps less distraction from things that do have timelines.

I could liken this to an episode of Glee where the kids were complacent and uninspired, but I can’t do that to myself.