A single tree at the end of an empty road on the edge of quiet lake after all the summer vacationers and autumnal leaf-lookers have gone.


Waiting Angels

UntitledI’m dreaming of a vacation to Europe.

Perhaps France.

Perhaps Italy.


This is the closest I’ve been in the past few years – this trip to Montreal.

Taken on the roof of Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours Chapel.


I imagine another figure, atop some other ancient church or monument…

….waiting for me to come and say hello.

Home Security

This is a picture I took last month while on vacation in Mexico.

I was struck by the criss-crossing wires, the open windows and the abundance of potted plants. It seemed airy and breezy while at the same time cozy and secure.

This month my own home was burglarized.

They got away with several things (including the new camera that took this picture) but what they mostly took was a sense of security.

Part of me wants criss-crossing wires surrounding my house, and inaccessible doors and windows.

I wouldn’t mind the Pacific coastal weather either, but that’s a different picture.