Sky Ride

I post this picture for two reasons: I’m cold and I’m between shows.

We’ve just had one of our biggest snow storms of the winter and it’s a beautiful day. The winter light is reflecting off the smooth, pillowy drifts that waft through our back yard. (I mostly feel sorry of the pups, just trying to a bit of business without getting buried.) There are icicles hanging from homes and garages, catching the light in surprising ways.

But I’m cold. And I’m tired of winter. And I’m getting anxious not having a project to work on.

So as self-therapy, here’s a picture from the state fair, where cold is never a problem.

I just needed a reminder that the warm days will return. Just as I’m sure I’ll work again.

Sky Ride, Minnesota State Fair

Sky Ride, Minnesota State Fair


History in Front of Me


behind the Pillsbury mills


This picture was taken with my phone’s camera. We were shooting a film across the river near the old Pillsbury mills. We were waiting for the sun to get to the right position. Most grain processing buildings like from this era are built of large, limestone blocks. I was struck that this place is regular, red brick. The building to the right is in such disrepair the owner said we shouldn’t stand too close to it.

A Dawn yet to Come

presunThis is a shot of the pre-dawn sun, taken from Mather Point in the Grand Canyon. I’m putting it up because it’s kind of how I feel today. There’s a looming anticipation as the play reading approaches, followed in a few days by auditions and casting decisions. 

This picture is one of an entire roll of film taken while watching the sun rise. It was an experience like no other. There were about a hundred people gathered on the point, many with cameras, speaking a wide range of languages, all bleary eyed and excited. Everyone there had probably seen a sunrise before—back in our home countries, where ever that may have been, but the site at the Grand Canyon isn’t even describable, and it was a whole new experience for all of us. It was a shared experience. This was different. The exact moment the sun peeked over the rim—and there is a split second moment—was almost spiritual.

There was a nearly audible gasp from the crowd and the briefest moment of pause and wonder.

This may be raising the bar a bit high for a reading and auditions.