A Rooftop Bar to Remember

Chicago Athletic Association rooftop

Chicago Athletic Association rooftop

Raining, Pouring

A month ago I had virtually nothing on my artistic schedule for this Fall, and very few opportunities on the books down the road.

In the past few weeks that has all changed:

      • I’m currently producing and directing short-story adaptations for a late-night show for Balance Theatre Project to perform in less than one month from now. I have a killer cast and a jigsaw of a rehearsal schedule that may also kill (me).
      • We had our first read-thru of the production, when we gathered in the attic playroom of a historic mansion
      • I got cast in and have already shot a mini-short film (is that a category?)
      • I had a fun audition for a new (to me) company and new (to me) director, where the talent and creds are high, and have snagged a call back for it to be done sometime in the next week or so
      • I had an audition for a feature-length film (a paid feature length indie film = a rarity) and have a callback in the next week or so
      • I was invited to audition for another show for another (new to me) company with a really cool script, and which also happens in the next week or so

Over a century ago, small children put on little plays in this space

Those bottom 3 items will likely all conflict and I may have to make some choices of my own. That is if the rain keeps falling.

Waiting Angels

UntitledI’m dreaming of a vacation to Europe.

Perhaps France.

Perhaps Italy.


This is the closest I’ve been in the past few years – this trip to Montreal.

Taken on the roof of Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours Chapel.


I imagine another figure, atop some other ancient church or monument…

….waiting for me to come and say hello.

Moonlight Watercolor

Midnight, July 1, 2012.

The other night we had a garden dinner party, and I took a bunch of pictures. I like this photo from the end of the night.

It’s completely untouched, it’s slightly out of focus due to the long-shutter required, and the ISO factor is working as hard as it can. I don’t think it’s necessarily high quality.

I like it because it looks like a painting.

See the moonlight playing on the clouds, up behind that tree? I think it looks like a watercolor painting.