What Did the Cat Say?

Sometimes talking animals in movies are more than acceptable, they’re expected and fun and insightful. Why not?!

However….the other day while looking through YouTube we stumbled upon this gem, and the only thought I had was….

Didn’t anyone working on this realize just how bad it was?

Shockingly bad. And Jody? Oh….oh, Jody.


Raining, Pouring

A month ago I had virtually nothing on my artistic schedule for this Fall, and very few opportunities on the books down the road.

In the past few weeks that has all changed:

      • I’m currently producing and directing short-story adaptations for a late-night show for Balance Theatre Project to perform in less than one month from now. I have a killer cast and a jigsaw of a rehearsal schedule that may also kill (me).
      • We had our first read-thru of the production, when we gathered in the attic playroom of a historic mansion
      • I got cast in and have already shot a mini-short film (is that a category?)
      • I had a fun audition for a new (to me) company and new (to me) director, where the talent and creds are high, and have snagged a call back for it to be done sometime in the next week or so
      • I had an audition for a feature-length film (a paid feature length indie film = a rarity) and have a callback in the next week or so
      • I was invited to audition for another show for another (new to me) company with a really cool script, and which also happens in the next week or so

Over a century ago, small children put on little plays in this space

Those bottom 3 items will likely all conflict and I may have to make some choices of my own. That is if the rain keeps falling.

Oscar and Angst

Oh, the day after the Oscars…

Who could possibly count the number of articles in newspapers and online, the number of TV reports or the number of blog entries about the Oscars? I too could spew on about who deserved what, or who wore what, but instead I want to note a couple things that personally struck me.

I thought it was odd that Babs was given the honor of presenting in the directing category. I know why it was done, but it showed the hand. And if it hadn’t showed the hand, and Ms. Bigelow hadn’t won, how awful would that have been? Why wasn’t last year’s winner there? If he weren’t available, then OK, but then I wished that had been acknowledged. And such an acknowledgement would’ve been a bit classier. There, I said it. I think it was a tacky presentation.

That said, I won’t question the validity of her winning. And I’m glad that a woman director finally won. (That sized gender gap doesn’t exist in the theatre, why does it in movies?) Hurt Locker was a tightly directed movie—not perfectly, but very tightly. The level of suspense and tension was incredible. What’s striking about that movie, especially since it won for best picture, was it basically had a cast of three. That’s truly unusual for a Best Movie and for a war film.  Although, while it was a good and well done movie, I honestly think Inglorious Basterds was a much, much better movie all around. It should have won for best picture….

But I digress.

“life moves pretty fast” – That’s the other thing that struck me. The tribute to John Hughes was heart wrenching for me – perhaps because some of his biggest movies, like Breakfast Club and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off came out when I was a teenager. The footage and montage of clips contained so many memorable moments and lines and faces. Each one springing forth another image of that time in my life. In some ways his works seem to resonate with a specific generation, and perhaps solely with that generation. Nonetheless, it’s clear he was a well loved filmmaker, and he was too young to go.

To this day I have issues with how quickly Ferris got from the Loop to Evanston. It’s just not possible. Perhaps it’s time for me to let that go, though.

2010 Resolutions…or What I’ve told myself

Generally I haven’t been one to make resolutions for the past several years. I used to. I’d tell myself I was going to do any number of things, generally things of such ilk as maintaining better health, finding a better job or landing a gig at a certain place.

Resolutions don’t work for me. Eventually I quit smoking but it had nothing to do with the new year, and I know enough to realize that while timing may be important in landing a job, it too isn’t dependent on the turning of the calendar.

That said, I’ve realized I have silently made some resolutions, and might as well come out with them. In no particular order:

  1. See more movies at the theater. I saw two movies in the past month at the theater. That’s twice as many as I think I saw the previous year. I should catch up with the rest of the world.
  2. Get a Netflix account. This idea keeps coming up and I just never sign up, and while I know I wouldn’t use it constantly, I’d use it a lot. I could see all those movies I don’t see at the theater and know what people are talking about.
  3. Go to the art museums in my hometown. Minneapolis Institute of Art is a great museum, and I should take advantage of strolling through its galleries.
  4. See live music. I used to, occasionally, when I was….younger. But still, there’s a vibrant music scene in Minneapolis that I haven’t been catching.
  5. Take a class. I’ve been itching to take an audition or acting class. I think it would be refreshing, and give me a good jumpstart to finding new audition material, too.

I’m stopping there….otherwise this may become a list of where I fell short in 2010 by not meeting my resolutions.