Silver Sunrise


Last of the Autumn mornings over Lake Superior.



A single tree at the end of an empty road on the edge of quiet lake after all the summer vacationers and autumnal leaf-lookers have gone.

Retreat, Regroup, Rebuild

I’m wrapping up a week away at a secluded, lakeside, cabin, surrounded by nature.

I had hoped to make this an opportunity for inspiration and creativity, a place to find time to sit and write down thoughts and ideas, or sketch out scenes for a new play. A place to read.

Alas, it seems as though I needed a retreat to nothingness more than I thought, and I reveled in the beauty that surrounded me.

I didn’t start that play or sketch out that story.

I didn’t read the things I thought I might, as research for a new project.

But I did find some beauty in every day things, and in the autumnal sights and smells that surrounded me.

I took a hundred photos in just a few days.

And for that alone, I should be grateful to have been given the chance and the gift of the experience.

Moonlight and Calm


It’s a rainy, cloudy, damp day. A good day for soup or chili, or sitting on the couch reading a book. Outside there was a bit more of a chill than the past few days, but there was a new scent in the air that smelled earthy….the kind of smell you experience when digging and planting in your garden. Or, how the leaves in a forest smell on a cool, early summer day.

It made me think of nature. Of being outdoors up North.

After the hectic past week, and the crazy few days to come, it seems peaceful should be the theme for today.

So I’m posting this picture of the moon over placid waters. I took it several years ago, on the north shore of Lake Superior, near Grand Marais, Minn.*

The moonlight can be so bright at night that you can see a long ways out, even while there are stars up above.

* One of my favorites places in the world. For now, at least. I haven’t quite seen it all.

Goodbye Winter

Now that Spring is finally starting to stretch its legs here in Minneapolis, and in light of the fact that it’s Easter weekend which always means Spring, I thought I’d post one of my favorite pictures from this past winter as a sort of salute to the season now past.


This sunset shot was taken at Christmas at a frozen lake outside of Omaha, Neb. We had spent a good while that afternoon skating, and falling, out on the ice. I thought the whisps of snow looked like waves, and it was almost as if the boat has come ashore smoothly off that ice. The evening light was amazing, and I took a couple dozen picture – one of the benefits going digital, I guess.

As cool as I think this picture is, I’ll be happy to wait another seven or eight months to see such a site again.