Where I’m at…what I believe to be true…how I like my art…

  • Not all art is entertaining, just like not all entertainment is art
  • I hate mediocre work and “good enough” is a creative death knell
  • I love to be intrigued and don’t need all questions answered; in fact, I’d prefer not to
  • If I’m not intrigued then I’m probably bored, and if I’m bored I may need to open hard candy
  • I seemingly give everyone the benefit of the doubt for too long, because I’ve never walked out of a performance before the end of the play
  • If you’re going to make an entrance make it noticeable, because if you didn’t just draw someone’s attention, why did you bother coming in?
  • No one fully understands everything that happens at auditions, and no one but the director can explain the final casting
  • Artistic work is personal and working in the arts is business—don’t confuse the two
  • Cynicism kills all creativity
  • Art is necessary for a balanced life and soul

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