Under The Brim


The Man in the Yellow Hat is just who you think he was and he still is.

He’s the link between the real world and the imagination, between the grown up with responsibilities and the child’s play. He’s the one reaching out a hand to grasp another and travel safely together.

The Man in the Yellow Hat seems to be who I was around age 8 or 9 or 10. (Maybe 27, too?) As a kid, I had an imaginary pet monkey. I don’t think I associated it with the obvious connection to some of my favorite books of the time. After all, I had a good imagination—I wasn’t yet logical.

Currently this Man in the Yellow Hat is no longer 8 or 9 or 10, or even 27. He lives in Minneapolis, works in theatre, dabbles in photography and aspires to become a better writer. Hence, a blog.

He also hates people talking about themselves in the third person.

I intend to write about things that interest me, that inspire me, that I’ve just experienced at a play or a movie or in a book, or sometimes my own current project. I’ll write about acting and theatre (or theater) and art and performance and music and other such things that I know a thing or two about. Or, at least pretend to know. And ocassionally I’ll put up some of my photographs just because I like ’em.

I won’t write about politics, societal ills, current affairs or the top news story of the day. I’ve got plenty of opinions on those topics, but that’s not the home I’m building here.

The musings in this blog may seem scattered or random or even at times pointless. But they will always be about imagination and creativity and leading by the hand and….they may rarely be logical.

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