When Theatre Doesn’t Measure Up

Nothing is more disappointing for me than going to see a play with high expectations and finding it weak, messy and poorly directed. Especially after hearing good things.

Makes me question all the “good things” I hear about many shows.

A recent experience was more than disappointing. I was on the verge of anger at the dragging and irrelevant plot, and was livid at the allowance by the director for one actor to play a caricature while most others were doing some downright Shepardesque realism, while he tossed in odd moments of expressionism.

Actually, those moments were about the only engaging thing in the performance.

And I guess I could give Mr. Director the credit for not making it boring.

Boring is the worst.

This was just….irrelevant. Ineffective.

It was also taking up the space and time in a theater that something better, more artful, more meaningful could have occupied. And that’s just a shame.

Life is short. Don’t waste it at a bad play.



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