My commitment to public arts

I’ve already debated this issue, on more than one occasion, in the past week. Here’s the thing….one of my biggest concerns is that once something like public art funding is cut from a budget, it’s really easy…..really, really, easy….so damn EASY!….for one to argue against reinstating it.

I think the bigger question is, why has the funding for projects taken this long to actually pay out?

And, why simply dismiss even looking at new projects worthy of being funded?

If this plan backfires on the arts community I will work very hard to make sure our mayor (for whom I happily voted!) doesn’t get a second chance in office.

Mayor Betsy Hodges

This past week a one year change in my proposed budget has raised questions about my commitment to the arts. I know that for Minneapolis to be a thriving, growing city our arts and our creative culture are key components to our success. That’s why I have proposed significant new investments in the arts for 2015 and beyond, and why I have ensured investment in public art moving forward. I am and will continue to be a strong supporter of the arts in Minneapolis.

The new and continued investments are in on-going support for our creative vitality. In fact, my 2015 budget includes funding for new initiatives such as Creative City Making, the completion of a Creative City Index, and funding for a Creative Economy Study and Report. The arts and our creative economy are important to me personally and for the city’s future. These initiatives will support the expansion…

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