Digging in with Table Work

Table work. It might just be the best part of rehearsals, and perhaps the most important.

The past few days we’ve sat around a the room reading the play in small chunks and talking about it. Small chunks being no more than a single page, usually much less.

We’re discovering together the what, why, how and not always having an answer. And the best thing is that it’s a process for which there’s no wrong or right answers (yet) and there are no stupid questions. 

My notebook is mostly full of

“How do I react to _____?”

“How do I feel about so-and-so?”

“What does this mean?”

“How important is X?”


The whole thing is like some riddle where we’re trying to figure out what the playwright imagined or wanted for every given moment. And in this case the play is based on a novel, so sometimes we wonder – “…is it the playwright or the novelist who meant….?”

I don’t want get up on our feet too soon, either. We’ll know better what to do then once we’ve worked through this table stuff enough to be compelled to get up and move. We could waste a lot of time, and sadly make some poor or weak choices, without this valuable process of really digging in and figuring out these people, these relationships, these goals, desires and struggles. And perhaps most importantly, doing it actively, together.

Discovery and exploration. It’s the perfect way to begin a new production.



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