Hunger Pangs

This post should’ve been up here days ago. Perhaps weeks.

After a long stretch of essentially back-to-back projects, followed immediately by some major personal life changes and experiences (read as: excitement) it is suddenly the end of the summer. Early Fall.

This is the time of year that makes us all remember school, right? The new and exciting next thing. Changes. Adventures. For me it’s always been a time to wonder what’s on the horizon, and what am I doing? What am I doing artistically, is usually the case. Well, mostly. But yes. That’s the question.

The answer is: nothing yet.danger_sign

I have ideas floating around in my head of projects to create. But…..

The world is not always conducive. Cooperative. There are other things at play, as well.

I don’t think of commercial work as an artistic outlet, but I enjoy the times when my schedule for a day is filled only with the words: “be an actor.” After a while (too long?) of not having  such auditions I had two in three days, with an actual artistic outlet TV show audition in the middle.

Then nothing.

The world is on a different biorhythm.


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