Back to the Rehearsal Room

I’ve been on a short break, but that’s over. Tonight I jump back in the fray, and it’s about 180° turn from the last project.

A couple weeks ago i wrapped up Neighborhood 3: Requisition of Doom. It sounds like a video game because it’s all about a video game. And zombies. And death. And communication. (Or lack thereof.) And relationships. It was dark, very dark, with some really dark humor. It was a very modern play, unstructured and widely open to interpretation. It was a blank canvas on which we could paint any number of pictures.

Tonight I begin rehearsals for Moises Kauffman’s Gross Indecency: The Three Trials of Oscar Wilde. The only thing it has in common with that last play is it’s also about relationships. Just, different kinds.

And this time I’ll have an accent.

Although there is one other thing that will be the same: “I’m just an actor.”

That’s no small task, but I love the cleanliness of working on a production with a single focus. Someone else can worry about….so many other things. I’ll worry about creating my character, building my relationships, and of course, memorizing my lines.

This script is incredible, and I’m thrilled to get started.


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