Retreat, Regroup, Rebuild

I’m wrapping up a week away at a secluded, lakeside, cabin, surrounded by nature.

I had hoped to make this an opportunity for inspiration and creativity, a place to find time to sit and write down thoughts and ideas, or sketch out scenes for a new play. A place to read.

Alas, it seems as though I needed a retreat to nothingness more than I thought, and I reveled in the beauty that surrounded me.

I didn’t start that play or sketch out that story.

I didn’t read the things I thought I might, as research for a new project.

But I did find some beauty in every day things, and in the autumnal sights and smells that surrounded me.

I took a hundred photos in just a few days.

And for that alone, I should be grateful to have been given the chance and the gift of the experience.


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