It’s the waiting

Just did an initial audition for a show that I could get really excited about it. Monologues: they can be nerve wracking or comforting. This was a relatively new monologue for me, and the director is someone I’ve known professionally though I’ve never worked with or auditioned for before.

I was nervous. Which is really annoying to me. But I quickly got over that once in the room.

It went ok, perhaps even really well. Not as well as I’d like, but well enough that I think I have a good chance at a callback – which may have been helped by my reading a scene (for the role I want) with an actor who isn’t available for callbacks. So it was a mini pre-view of callbacks. And that scerne, felt good.

Now I have to wait, which is the hardest thing.

I used to be horrible with the waiting. I’d go over and over the audition in my head, replaying every little thing, deciding how the director felt about each moment. Then I stopped that.

Now I only obsess over the waiting when I really want something.

The next few days may be difficult.


One thought on “It’s the waiting

  1. Working as an actor is really nerve racking. Every audition is like a test of your nerve, you have to wait but don’t wait on it. Waiting by the phone will never make it ring.

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