My Editing Challenge

The video is shot and the voice over recorded. I spent several hours today going over the materials and started piecing things together. It’s not going to be easy.

Not surprisingly there are too many ideas, too many details that I want in there. I find it hard to edit myself.

This isn’t new. I think I’ve always worked this way. Years ago, even twenty-some years ago, when I put together my first original piece I had a hard time eliminating parts. My cohorts on that project had to push me to edit, to simmer things down to the essential and important elements.

What moves this forward? What doesn’t?

And then years after that, still several years ago today, I had a number of struggles with my fellow-creators when we were producing original adaptations. I struggled with cutting things down. I did it though (and once did it very painfully) but I did it.

I think I can squeeze this thing together and make it work. Knowing what I know now I wish I’d shot some other specific footage, or perhaps gone about the process differently.

Still, I can make it work. It’s all in the magic of editing.


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