Edit later

The other day I started outlining ideas for that new play. Yesterday I mailed off the Fringe application, and have only to wait for the drawing. And today I started working on one of those other projects, writing a draft for a short video I hope to shoot next weekend.

It felt good to just sit down, focus on something and get it down on the page. I wouldn’t say it’s done (and in fact I’m in need of a way to button it at the end) but I feel fairly good about it for a first run.

I realized while writing it that I can change things later. I just needed to get things down, on paper. Don’t edit myself. Put it out there, and shape it later.

This is different than I feel I often work on things, which is cautiously, carefully and very intentionally. Almost editing as I go. I wonder if perhaps my daily photo experiment, now in its fourth week, (along with some other day-job work related projects) is forcing me to make decisions more quickly, and is having an effect on how I’m working?

I wonder how, or if, it impacts the final results.

Whatever it is, it’s the kind of energizing activity I needed.


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