Picture in My Mind

This morning was another moment of me wishing I could have my camera with me at all times. Imagine along with me….

There’s the early sunlight on a very cold winter morning. White piles are everywhere after our record snow fall, and smoke drifts up from the car engines at the busy intersection.

The sky is almost perfectly clear but for the few wispy, high clouds that are slightly rippled, and a warm pink and orange sunrise is hitting them with brilliance, accenting their contours.

Almost silhouetted in this light is the last remnant of the Purina Mill, an eight-story tower, cut open and surrounded by the block-long rubble of destruction…while towering out in front of it is the demolition crane, with its wrecking ball tied up for the night, waiting to crank up for another day of smashing the concrete structure to bits.

It looked post-apocalyptic, and I wanted to capture it, that one moment that I know cannot ever be recreated. But the light changed and traffic moved on to take me away.


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