Color me Green

Jealousy is neither pretty nor enviable. Yet, I’ll admit it: I’m jealous.

There. I said it. I’m jealous because I don’t have a show opening this week.

While this could be said of many weeks of the year, I’m only feeling it because I know of a few shows that are opening this week which seem very interesting and intriguing, and are from a few companies I’d like to work with. I’m very much looking forward to seeing the work. (And only feel jealous because I think it might be even more interesting to be in it.)

One of them that looks rather promising is from Sandbox, a tough and tumble, create-a-new-show-from-the-ground-up, gritty and experimental company that likes to explore myriad methods of storytelling and shapes of a dramatic arc.

The ensemble, including some newcomers with talent to spare (and with at least one previous collaborator in a new role) has taken on the tale of a couple of real-life, historic eccentric brothers. Eccentric and historic.

Oh! How I love twisted reality from days gone by.

I’ve seen a few pics and video, their trailer, an interview with one of the assistant directors, footage from their rehearsal/creation process and am feeling very curious about how it all comes together. There’s something about the originality of the work, and certainly the whole process—the organic, company created piece—that I find alluring.

It’s risky. It could turn out to be meh. It could turn out to be unintelligible.

Art’s not supposed to be easy.

I suspect it’s going to be magical.

Magical, twisted reality in an original theatre piece. How could I not be jealous?


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