Picturing the Lost House

I’m trying to figure out a few pictures to hang in the house. We recently did a major remodel and I took a few hundred photos (before, during, after) documenting the whole thing. A couple of them turned out rather interesting, and have already been posted here. Those were:


Power Exposed
(my personal favorite)

I want to hang a third one—because groupings in odd numbers are more interesting—and I’m not sure which three to pick. Beside the two linked above, I’m also considering the old kitchen floor.

There’s something I really like about this one. Perhaps it’s because I know that if you step on those 1917 sub-floor boards they bow a bit. And what you can’t see in the picture, and perhaps I should manipulate it a bit to expose this, are the walls stripped to the studs.

Neither of the windows exist anymore. The one on the left sits in the middle of the new kitchen. The one on the right….well, I think that’s about where the stove and cabinets live.

I like the Little House on the Prairie element.

The other picture I want to include is of the chimney that was exposed when the original plaster walls were removed.

I love that there’s a hole in the chimney, an access point for what I can only assume was a wood burning stove. This too is in the kitchen, and the floor picture above would’ve been taken by standing basically in front of the chimney shot.

I think it’s interesting that the bricks used are some kind of whitish-gray. I’m not sure what that’s all about.

I found this fascinating, and love knowing that it’s still there, behind the new wall.

Can’t be sure when any of it will ever be seen again.


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