You wanted to call me back, right? or Thank you, Next.

This morning I was at a callback for a commercial. I was happy to have the callback because a) I could use the money and b) it was with a casting director who the last time I saw her I had a completely awful audition. (It was apparently so awful I didn’t even write about it. I just looked. Perhaps I was too embarrassed.)

So A – well, who couldn’t use some extra cash? I don’t audition for commercials for the art, that’s for sure.

And B – that bad audition was so bad I had to email the casting director the next morning to basically apologize. She thankfully responded and said “everyone has a bad day.”  I think I had two that day. So getting called back…and I think doing a good job, has made up some points. Plus, my agent likes me getting callbacks.

The unique thing about this audition though was the director, or who I assume to be the director. Rarely does the client (as represented by several people, in this case five or six) get introduced or named. This guy gave direction, so I’m saying he’s the director for the commercial. My part had no lines; it was all reaction, even though it was really the focus of the piece. The other actor was like a bag of wind, given a monologue and encouraged to ad lib and keep talking. The director gave him a lot of…a LOT of direction between each of the five or six takes. And by a lot I mean…practically line readings. Super annoying. Talk about your bag of hot air. He knew exactly what he wanted and why he didn’t cast himself in the part, I can’t fathom. I felt bad for the other actor, who was doing everything the guy asked.

And really to top the whole thing off: I swear he didn’t look at me once. And never gave me any kind of direction.

And I’m the one pretending to be picked up by a giant hand, carried across the room and dropped to the floor! Even as we were excused, and me and the other actor gave a sort of “Thank you. Have a good day…” etc., not a glance.

Well, thanks for calling me back.

As I headed back to the ol’ day job I was thinking….”Would I really want to spend a whole day on a set with this guy?”

Turns out I don’t think that’ll be a problem.

Bad news: I didn’t this gig. Oh, well. Good news: I don’t have deal with that dude. And, I redeemed myself for the casting director.


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