Come Back Here

A couple weeks ago I was bemoaning not getting cast in a project that I had quickly come to be excited by. That rejection only helped elevate my level of frustration with how work opportunities were sort of…passing me by. Boo hoo, me. (I got over it, of course.)

So out of the blue I got a call yesterday. Long story short – I’ve agreed to take a part in the film after all. Oddly, it’s the part opposite the one I was up for. I guess some changes have been made to the script or the characters, or something referred to as “creative casting” and they came back to me. I don’t care. I’m totally excited to work on it. I think the whole thing will be a blast, even if I’ll be playing opposite the guy (whoever he is) who got “my” part. And from what I know of the plot, I’m still playing a fascinating character, the guy that the whole thing is about. I can’t wait to see the script. I suspect it’s going to be gritty.

So I’m excited and looking forward to it, even for the few days it’ll take to shoot. (It’s a short.) The strangely disappointing thing is in how much better I feel about everything now that I’ve got some kind of work to focus on. It makes me wonder about the psyche of it all. My psyche. My own self worth seems too often wrapped up the quality and existence of any creative job.

That’s for another time to figure out. I’m looking forward to a new adventure.


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