A Random Week

The past week has been a busy roller coaster of life and thoughts. Here are a random few things of discovery:

  • On Monday I attended The Ivey Awards, which are sort of the Tonys or Jeff Awards of Twin Cities. This evening always proves to me that I need to see more shows. I don’t know how I do that.  But there were several winners whose work I haven’t seen or shows I didn’t catch. I guess when I hear the buzz about something like Ruined at Mixed Blood and I can’t make it there then I should remember this night and I should find a way. I hate missing good theatre. This evening also always proves to me that I’m lousy at schmoozing when there are a couple thousand people, too few bartenders and lots and lots of chatter, laughter, hugs and a bit of eye rolling. Thankfully though, this year I avoided to say or do anything embarrassing. I think.
  • On Tuesday I began my day with insomnia. Literally. Crawling in to bed at midnight I had nothing but Iveys memories, songs performed at the show, conversations had and other sights and sounds running through my head. I then constructed at least two or three ideas for shows I’d like to act in, direct or write. I could’ve easily filled three or four years of work. I slept an hour before getting up to do the day job, where somehow I managed to not fall over. Later that day I saw some promotional video for a local production. It’s a good show (I suspect) and the video is really well put together. I think about how I like working with video, making and editing them together. I think about how I could find a job doing something like that. Then I go back to my other stuff. Eventually I sleep.
  • On Wednesday I learned about the possibility of someone producing a play. It might be another two years, but it’s not dead in the water. This is encouraging, if not one hundred percent elating. Anticipation. Waiting. I briefly discuss a new piece that I think might be interesting. Maybe a 2011 fringe show. Baby steps.
  • On Thursday I had free swim. So I watched some of NBC’s season premieres. I don’t think I’d ever want to do television. And I can say that because I’ve never done television. (No, I can’t say that, but it’s my justification. That, and I live in Minneapolis.) But given the lack of solid work I’ve done recently, and the overwhelming day job, watching actors play and have fun and that’s their job I was a bit envious of them. Especially the few who I personally know (or at least knew at one time) and for whom I know from where they came. I’m happy for them. I need to replace my day job and be happy for me too.
  • On Friday I was at a lovely dinner party at a friend’s house where the host paid a lot of praise to me (and my writing partner) for work on our show last year, and expressed how she hopes to see it produced again. Elated by the ego boost, I mentioned an idea for another project, which she also encouraged. All in all, it was good for the inner self.

And now it’s Saturday. A day of chores preparing to host family for dinner.

As for Sunday…well, I think there’s some free time in there to conjure ideas on a nice bike ride and then sketch up some initial thoughts about that new project.


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