Fringe For All…or Some

Earlier this week I attended an evening called “Fringe-For-All” or perhaps more correctly “Fringe-For-All #2” as there had been a previous evening of the same thing. This is an opportunity for thirty shows (of the 169?) in the Minnesota Fringe Festival to present up to three minutes of material as a sort of teaser and preview. I had heard rumor that much of what appeared in the first evening of Fringe-For-All wasn’t very good or exciting. I don’t know, I wasn’t there, but I heard it from more than one trusted source. Of course, to give anyone who was there that night the benefit of the doubt, it was an evening much earlier in the rehearsal process. There’s plenty of time to fix and polish.

It was exciting to be there this week though because the energy was so incredibly high. You could feel how eager and nervous and hopeful so many people were about there show. I don’t think I noticed that last year, but only because I so eager and nervous and….. Last year it was the first time anyone got a glimpse of the writing and directing we’d put in to The William Williams Effect and it felt like it was some kind of test. A Pass/Fail test. I remember during our three minutes on stage I don’t think I breathed once. I’m pretty sure there were some at the Ritz on Monday who did the same.

Some passed. Some failed.

A few truly shined, and I can’t wait to see them at this year’s Fringe.


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