That’s a wrap

A few weeks back I mentioned how I had reconnected with an agent and went out on a commercial audition. That out-of-the-blue audition resulted in a callback. The callback, in my opinion, sucked and I really thought I was out of the running. In the end I was, but not before being 2nd choice and sitting on hold for 24 hours. Still it felt good to be considered after not doing this circuit for a while. The agent liked it too.

Then last week I got called in for something else. An industrial. Less money, but an easy gig for a big corporation. And I landed the job!

This has made for a fun week. Part of the time has been spent being director for the Chicago Avenue Project, which I totally love! (I had to save a child actress from the horrors of bad costuming that made her unhappy, but that was a brief low spot.) And today, instead of going in to the day job, I spent it (or part of it) as a hired actor.

Not a bad thing, at all.

I’d like more weeks like this, please?

While what I did today couldn’t really be called art, it wasn’t without its drama. My call was 10 a.m. according to what the agency told me. Somewhere close to 8:30, I had a call asking me where I was and that I was supposed to have been there at 8.


Turns out that the time had been changed but my agent didn’t inform me of this. I said I was twenty minutes away and grabbed my things, ran out the door, dangerously entered an address into my GPS while driving, did 60 in a 40 mph zone, and made it to the set in fifteen minutes. A whole crew was standing around waiting. I rushed up, was greeted by the director, I was flummoxed and out of breath and apologetic, I fumbled and dropped things while trying to shake his hand….I’m sure he was thinking they’d chosen the wrong person.

I get rushed down to makeup and wardrobe, where I meet my scene partner. Strangely she was from the same agency with the same agent, but she had been given the time change. This only makes me look more like an idiot. Ten minutes later I’m in wardrobe and make up is finished and I’m getting miked.

Saving grace: The shoot goes very smoothly. The director (and others) seems to like my work, are complimentary, easy going and several things get done in one shot. We wrap well within the scheduled time.

So when I say I’d like more weeks like this, I may not mean exactly like this but something along the lines.


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