Who is Forster?

Last night we attended a fundraiser for a local vocal group that a friend of ours works for. Last year we attended and had a great time and came home with a new print. (We’re still waiting to figure out where to hang it.) This year we came home with yet another print, this time nicely framed. It was listed an “antique print” titled “Woman with Sphere”. It has a kind of 1920s or 30s vibe to it. A woman in a red dress, kneeling, and holding up a glass orb of some sort.

There’s a name in the bottom left corner: Forster. If there’s a first name or initial before that it’s under the frame. On the bottom right corner there’s a copyright stamp followed by what seems to be “MOM…” and is then cut off by the frame. (Although it could be MOA or MON…it’s a bit hard to read.)

We have no idea who Forster is or anything about this “antique print”. I like to have a little knowledge about the origin of my artworks, but we’ve been unable to find anything on the internet can even give us a clue. I’ll have to post a picture of it later in hopes someone can identify something.

We’re debating over what her name should be. Also, we have to figure out where to hang this before the next fundraiser.


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