When auditions go well

When an audition goes well, especially if it’s a monologue audition, and especially if it’s a new monologue, it seems like the sun shines just a bit brighter.

The fact that it’s in the mid 70s and sunny and a gorgeous Sunday afternoon also helps.

Last month I mentioned the joy of finding a new monologue, because finding new monologues is the hardest thing for me to do and yet I had stumbled upon something I thought would make a great piece. Today I tried it out for the first time and it went really well. It felt like it worked, it had an arc, there was some mystery, and I got very good feedback on it. Despite there probably not being a good fit of a character for me in the play for which I was auditioning, I got the director thinking and interested and considering me. Of course, when he asked if there was a specific character I might be interested in I answered (lamely) that I wasn’t sure because even looking at the character list it seemed there wasn’t a great fit, to which he agreed. I’m too young, too old or the wrong race. Still, he’s considering.

I love going in to an audition and possibly changing a director’s mind. That’s a successful audition.

It’s a sunny day indeed.


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