Oscar and Angst

Oh, the day after the Oscars…

Who could possibly count the number of articles in newspapers and online, the number of TV reports or the number of blog entries about the Oscars? I too could spew on about who deserved what, or who wore what, but instead I want to note a couple things that personally struck me.

I thought it was odd that Babs was given the honor of presenting in the directing category. I know why it was done, but it showed the hand. And if it hadn’t showed the hand, and Ms. Bigelow hadn’t won, how awful would that have been? Why wasn’t last year’s winner there? If he weren’t available, then OK, but then I wished that had been acknowledged. And such an acknowledgement would’ve been a bit classier. There, I said it. I think it was a tacky presentation.

That said, I won’t question the validity of her winning. And I’m glad that a woman director finally won. (That sized gender gap doesn’t exist in the theatre, why does it in movies?) Hurt Locker was a tightly directed movie—not perfectly, but very tightly. The level of suspense and tension was incredible. What’s striking about that movie, especially since it won for best picture, was it basically had a cast of three. That’s truly unusual for a Best Movie and for a war film.  Although, while it was a good and well done movie, I honestly think Inglorious Basterds was a much, much better movie all around. It should have won for best picture….

But I digress.

“life moves pretty fast” – That’s the other thing that struck me. The tribute to John Hughes was heart wrenching for me – perhaps because some of his biggest movies, like Breakfast Club and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off came out when I was a teenager. The footage and montage of clips contained so many memorable moments and lines and faces. Each one springing forth another image of that time in my life. In some ways his works seem to resonate with a specific generation, and perhaps solely with that generation. Nonetheless, it’s clear he was a well loved filmmaker, and he was too young to go.

To this day I have issues with how quickly Ferris got from the Loop to Evanston. It’s just not possible. Perhaps it’s time for me to let that go, though.


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