Meandering through an itinerary

At the moment I’ve got three pots boiling….three small, unassociated pots.

One is my own script that I co-wrote and hope to direct again someday, another is a new script of which I’m going to direct a workshop and staged reading, and the last is an acting gig in a staged reading for a script about to be published. All of them are short-lived, low-time-commitment projects, and I hope to give them all the energy they deserve.

The test is in my patience. We’ve had scheduling snafus and problems with two of the three projects, mostly all out of my control. My life has been fairly scheduled and planned for the past several months, everything set so I knew what I needed to take care of when in order to be ready for x, y and z. And I’ve been working diligently to get things accomplished, to be ready on time. I even (partially) gave up  a beach vacation to stay in town and work.

And then….there are schedules that bumped up against each other or someone doesn’t keep up their own end of the deal or a football team ends up in the championship game and we start the scheduling dance all over again!

So while it seems I could use a secretary (and a bit more clout or power to just say “damn it, this is happening on my terms!”) it still all makes me hungry for more. It makes me want to stay home from the day-job and arrange that. I could spend days reading new scripts, looking for things to direct, or even more importantly some new monologue material. I could arrange for some new headshots. I could update my online profile at the local theatre resource that I love so much and which is becoming a necessary tool in town. I could perhaps line up some more work.

Instead I will try to remind myself that it’s good to at least have something to work on, and some accomplishments to look forward to.


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