2010 Resolutions…or What I’ve told myself

Generally I haven’t been one to make resolutions for the past several years. I used to. I’d tell myself I was going to do any number of things, generally things of such ilk as maintaining better health, finding a better job or landing a gig at a certain place.

Resolutions don’t work for me. Eventually I quit smoking but it had nothing to do with the new year, and I know enough to realize that while timing may be important in landing a job, it too isn’t dependent on the turning of the calendar.

That said, I’ve realized I have silently made some resolutions, and might as well come out with them. In no particular order:

  1. See more movies at the theater. I saw two movies in the past month at the theater. That’s twice as many as I think I saw the previous year. I should catch up with the rest of the world.
  2. Get a Netflix account. This idea keeps coming up and I just never sign up, and while I know I wouldn’t use it constantly, I’d use it a lot. I could see all those movies I don’t see at the theater and know what people are talking about.
  3. Go to the art museums in my hometown. Minneapolis Institute of Art is a great museum, and I should take advantage of strolling through its galleries.
  4. See live music. I used to, occasionally, when I was….younger. But still, there’s a vibrant music scene in Minneapolis that I haven’t been catching.
  5. Take a class. I’ve been itching to take an audition or acting class. I think it would be refreshing, and give me a good jumpstart to finding new audition material, too.

I’m stopping there….otherwise this may become a list of where I fell short in 2010 by not meeting my resolutions.


2 thoughts on “2010 Resolutions…or What I’ve told myself

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