Break a Leg

I’m about to head out and see a play. It’s occurring to me that I have relatively high expectations, because:

  1. I love the playwright (although I haven’t read or seen this particular play)
  2. The company has proven itself to do good work, and what I’ve seen of the director’s work is top notch
  3. Several cast members are rather talented folk.

Several years ago I directed a fairly successful production of a play by this writer. A couple years later I went to see another local production of that same piece, and was greatly disappointed. I’m not sure that their production was bad, per se. But they had taken such a vastly different approach to the material as actors and director, that I couldn’t understand it.

It was like…what’s a good analogy? As if Romeo & Juliet were performed under the pretense that those two kids were nothing but selfish brats.

I can’t help but think I would’ve thought differently about that production had I not been intimately familiar with the script.

I’m generally a fairly critical theatre-viewer, but tonight’s bar is raised a bit higher than usual. That may not be fair of me, I can’t help it. I want it to be good. I want it to be thrilling. I think I might want to work with them some time, and talented people excite me.

At least I’m aware of how I’m walking in to the theater, which may be more than some others could say.

See you at the bar, afterwards.


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