Writing on Patches

Came across a bump in the road on the way to finishing this script. Not so much a bump, I guess. But today’s writing session felt like going down one of those streets that have been clearly patched beyond recognition and you wonder why they don’t just tear the whole thing up and start over.

OK. That’s actually a bit strong.

There are things I want to include, story-line elements, background things to help inform the story. But, how? The way I put them in today…seems a bit forced. It needs shape. Maybe I shouldn’t put all the responsibility on this character, or in this way. Maybe I break it up.

And there’s time.

And there’s a lot more to do.

But it’s coming along.

Today I heard about a grant opportunity, specifically focused in a topic that relates perfectly with this project. For about five seconds it was really an exciting idea. But unless I can convince someone to let me take a leave of absence and still come back to my job, and convince these people to give me a grant to cover living expenses for a time period when I can do nothing but develop this piece….oh, wouldn’t that be awesome? Alas, neither are possible.

The process is difficult, and time consuming. My writing ability flows in starts and stops. And after a long day at the ol’ day job, sitting down and writing is not at all the same as going to rehearsal and being a director or an actor. There’s something about the physicality of acting, or the interaction of both acting and directing that can energize and excite me. But right now my writing is a rather solitary task.

Three weeks to the workshop. Two months, or so, to a reading.

Stay tuned….


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