Art in the ‘hood

There’s a guy I know who posts pictures on Facebook in an album titled “Art in my Neighborhood” or something like that. I had no idea he was in to photography until I saw this album. It seems he’ll occasionally, go around and take random shots of….things….that are in his ‘hood. Random things, like little statues or interesting architectural elements or the juxtaposition of things that one can easily come across in any city. And somehow he frames it in such a way that makes it really interesting. Even if in “reality” it’s nothing more than a picture of a doorway, one which I and many other people pass by each day and don’t even notice. And usually, this pictures are very good.

Every morning as I head in to downtown on my way to work, especially at certain times of the year, I thoroughly enjoy the views of the skyline. Minneapolis doesn’t have a huge set of tall of buildings downtown like Chicago, but there’s a distinct border and grouping. And all the tallest of the buildings downtown have been built in the past 30 years or so, and there’s more glass than stone or brick or mortar. The early morning sun reflects off them in amazing ways, somehow spreading the same color across each of them regardless of how they look in the middle of the day.

At noon it’s all a variety of browns and blues and steel-colored structures. At 7:30 a.m. in the autumn they tend to be rose or amber. All of them washed in the same hue.

Traveling up Hiawatha Avenue—a main north/south thoroughfare—there’s a point where you reach the apex of bridge over Lake St., and ahead of you is all of downtown, and following along the path with you and crossing over Hiawatha is the light rail line with its huge power lines that supply it, while another bridge carrying bicyclists crosses over both the busy road and the light rail tracks. It’s a futuristic, high off the street, shining-glass, new city look.

I’m often distracted.

I usually wish I had my camera.

I keep the pictures in my head and think of it as the art in my neighborhood.


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