Yes, but did you read the book?

There are a number of classic films that I shamefully have never seen. It’s embarrassing really. These films—and that’s what they are, not movies—are ones which everyone’s seen, except me. And when people hear I haven’t seen them…well, I generally get a lot of grief.

A couple years ago I decided I had to do something about it, and became determined to get on par with the world. But I suck at this. Usually I am either not in control of the tv or too busy. My catch up project is way behind schedule.

Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.

The second part of this line was improvised, and made the scene. It was probably my favorite line from The Godfather, which I finally, yes finally, watched.

Do I get credit for having read the book years ago? I mean, how many people have read the book?

It turns out that this Francis Ford Coppola kid seems to know how to make a movie. It’s a long movie, which didn’t feel long. It’s a violent, bloody movie with unlikable characters, that was beautiful and full of touching truths.

Maybe it’s because I’m partly Sicilian and I recognized a certain culture and family dynamics, but I found I was able to relate to this family, and recognized people. It wasn’t exactly a comforting thing. I recall at one point, after……

spoiler: if you haven’t seen it…oh, never mind….I’m sure I was last….

…after Michael joins the family business, after he comes back from Sicily, I remember a moment of watching him as a the new boss, calmly threatening people, and thinking how I was almost proud of him, or something, for doing this, for standing up and protecting his family, and then just as quickly I realized how this hero is nothing but a murderer, thug, liar….yet he was who we rooted for.

It’s also the dichotomies that make this film work. Along with it’s amazingly talented cast, and its camera angles and picture and lines….

Michael and Apollonia walking in the Sicilian countryside talking intimately; they cross in front of the camera and we watch them walk away ; they’re followed moments later by the gaggle of widows, who always wear black, and we watch as they’re animatedly chatting and following the young couple; moments later the vedovi are followed by the heavily armed body guards.

I need to watch it again, although I should probably keep moving down the list: Citizen Kane, Gone With the Wind, Deerhunter, Casablanca, Chinatown, Dog Day Afternoon…..

I think I should be embarrassed.


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