Too much and Not enough

My head’s a bit muddled. Too many thoughts, too many pathways it’s trying to go down.

I’m currently trying to focus on two different scripts: a) my own to develop further, and b) one which I’ll workshop and direct.

Script A is giving me some trouble getting started. Or rather, it’s moving slowly. It’s started. I sort of know what I want to do, I mean I’ve got ideas planned, but it’s not flowing and I need a boost. I think some serious committed time and some outlining might help. This is on the schedule.

Script B is really out of my control, as it’s someone else’s writing. It’s just that I know it needs some significant revision and I have ideas about that, but I need to wait until the appropriate time and place to give that feedback. I think I’ll feel better in a couple weeks after the first workshop. I’ve fortunately put together a strong cast who are going to help this process tremendously, as long as the playwright will be willing to make adjustments. I think he will.

So really, what’s the problem here? The problem is it all feels a bit inactive – there are no hard and fast deadlines to meet, not enough planned meetings, no rehearsals, no…..pressure. All that’s needed is motivation. And perhaps less distraction from things that do have timelines.

I could liken this to an episode of Glee where the kids were complacent and uninspired, but I can’t do that to myself.


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