Tell me a Story

I’m an avid reader, and always have been. I can hardly go to bed without reading some beforehand, and usually have several options on my bedside table, along with things I’ll read next and things I finished months ago. I read a few dozen books each year, a mix of fiction and nonfiction, authors I know and others I just want to try out.

Right now, I’m struggling because the other thing about my reading habit is that I always finish any book I start. It’s like I can’t not finish it. In the last twenty years I can only recall one time when I stopped reading a book because I was bored, and strange enough, it was about 30 pages until the end. I should’ve stopped much earlier, but couldn’t bring myself to do it. Not sure why. I remember feeling bad or something about it, like I let myself down. I want to liken it to not finishing your plate at dinner, but that’s really a different issue since someone else can read my unfinished book, right?

How bored am I with the book currently taking prominence on my bedside table? I’m struggling at the moment to recall the title or the author’s first name.

Give me a moment…..

Light Before Day, by Christopher Rice

[Honestly, I wanted to say it was In the Light of Day by Tim Rice. But I Googled that and found I was wrong. My apologies to Mr. Tim Rice, by the way.]

I’m half-way through this book, and my recollection of the title and author are telling. Perhaps telling me to put it down and move on.

I picked it up initially primarily because Christopher Rice is the son of Anne Rice, who has a number of books that I really enjoyed. They were good reads, page turners, mind candy and pure entertainment. That’s often what I’m looking for—a good bedtime story. This book, In the Light…er Light Before Day, is sort of billed as a murder story/suspense/thriller. Perfect fare for me.

I’ve been reading it for over a month now. I think I have to stop. If I’m enjoying a book, then part of my nightly getting-ready-for-bed routine actually involves recalling the book and the story and the characters, usually as I’m brushing my teeth, and I’m thinking, “Oh, yay! I get to go visit that world.” Recently I’m just putting off going to bed, and play one more round of some game on FB.


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