Tough Decisions

Three nights of auditions. I’m sure there are people who would disagree, but I could do it all again. Somehow I find them invigorating and exciting. Playful. Energizing.

Toward the end of the evening last night I finally took some time to give a bit of direction to play with the scene and see what else people could or would do, see how directable each one is. Playing this way was enlightening. In some ways it told me what this scene was about. In other ways, it told me there was something wrong with it. For some people it told me they were better than I thought.

No two people will do the same scene the same way. But good actors will both do it well. Thus, there are difficult choices to be made. We have some serious competition for a few roles, and each person brings their own advantages. And, disadvantages.

I should probably just relax in to the fact that I don’t make some decisions easily, but once I’ve made my choice I rarely regret it.

Auditions are a bitch.


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