Two Minutes to Shine

I’m directing another show in about five or six months. Auditions run three days, starting tomorrow. I’m looking forward to this in a different way than the last set of auditions where I was the auditionee. Last time I was in charge of most everything, and it was my project, although truly it was our project. This time, I’m just the director. There’s a whole separate person who’s playing producer, and another playing playwright. This time there’s a dramaturg, even. I just have to show up and audition actors.

How cool is that?

And this time, because it’s a full two-act, original script that’s going to go through development and I’m not exactly sure what I really want in a cast (other than the usual – smart, talented, hardworking and reliable) I’ve decided we’re going with monologues for the initial auditions. It’s been a long time since I sat listening to monologue after monologue, for hours on end, and while I know it can be tiresome and tedious, I think it’ll be a little exhilarating too.

From the looks of the list of actors scheduled it seems like a lot of new faces. This could be good. I mean, this could be bad, too. If I don’t recognize the name, then where have they been? Likely working mostly off my radar. My radar is fairly wide.

But I’m going in optimistic and hopeful. Plus if I’m lucky, I might find a piece or two I can steal, because I hate looking for new material for my own monologues. It’s so hard to find a good monologue to audition with!

Ugh. Monologue auditions. What a pain. For the actor, that is. I’ll try to keep that in mind as each new person walks in the door.


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