Picture Yourself…

On my morning drive to work I often pass through the industrial milling section of south Minneapolis. It’s like a tiny version of Chicago’s steel mills, but cleaner. About four blocks of grain mills, half of which are the now abandoned Purina dog food plant I’ve mentioned before. These old mills rise high in the air, like industrial behemoths looking down on the busy artery of Hiawatha Avenue with its boulevard like structure and the light rail line that runs alongside it.

Also sometimes on my morning commute I listen to The Current, the eclectic music-lover’s version of Minnesota Public Radio. This morning the topic at hand included the latest release of Rock Band with music by the Beatles. After they made fun of one person’s obsession with the Sgt. Peppers album, all the while glorifying the talent of the fab-four, they played some music.

I’m sitting at a red light, listening to this, watching people getting to work, getting on and off the train, sitting in their cars at the light. One woman walks along the sidewalk, talking on a cell phone. She has a small girl (a 3-year-old?) walking beside her, and she cradles the phone while reaching down to pick up the kid and jay walk through stopped traffic.

Suddenly a low bass guitar is filling the car, and Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds is playing. As if on cue, during the slow, melodic, drug-induced-sounding portions of the song, a huge flock of pigeons swoops up from the roof of one of the grain mills, flying one direction then the next, up and down, left and right. Virtually in time with the music, and then float over the tops and disappear on the other side.

Refrain. Lucy in the sky with diamonds….Lucy in the sky with diamonds….

That was unexpected. But the pigeons were apparetnly listening to the same station or could hear my radio, because at the next “Picture yourself…” here they come again. Up from the other side, swooping in a fluctuating, ball-shaped mass. Above the mills, along the walls, up again, down again, and again out of site.

Refrain. Lucy in the sky with diamonds….Lucy in the sky with diamonds….

Finally the light changed, and we all moved on with our day.


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