How Not to Invite Someone to Audition

This is strange. A few hours ago I posted something here about my lined up work in the upcoming months, but noted the lack of acting gigs. I just got a message from someone asking me to come in to an audition. Great, but here’s the thing….

Dear Producer,

You left me a voice mail message asking if I could come in this weekend to read for your production. You mentioned the title of the play, but nothing more. Is there a certain role? What time on Sunday is the audition? For that matter, where am I expected to be for it? Is it readings from the script, or should I have something prepared? Who is directing? Oh, here’s an important one….WHEN is this production? And why did you call me on Friday afternoon about an audition Sunday when I know full well, having worked with you numerous times before, that if I don’t catch you on the phone this afternoon I wouldn’t be able to catch you until the auditions are over?


…losing interest in you.


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