Have, Have Not

I think I’ve successfully layed out at least some aspects of the next six or seven months of my schedule. This involves some more writing and further development of the project that’s already consumed most of 2009, and workshopping and directing someone else’s script with a production next spring. There’s still room in the schedule for other things (like day-job…er, day-job hunting, and some family plans, and hopefully some acting work) but I’m usually sitting with a void of time in front of me. Not knowing when the next opportunity will land. This ain’t so bad. It kind of makes things easier to plan for and deal with.

The weird thing is the acting part. Something made me think of it last night. Most all the work I’ve done in the past…16 months?…has been writing and directing. Not acting, with the exception of a few occassional staged readings. I miss it. It’s a long time to go without a real acting gig. I mean, I’m enjoying my work opportunities, but I miss being on stage, and hope I can find something to be in during the upcoming season. There’s always the fear it won’t come again.

While this may not be typical for me—that is, having theatre work planned for numerous months ahead—it seems like it’s rather common to many, many folks I know. Actors (and certainly directors) often are either booked for the next several months or more, or have nothing at all and seemingly no hope of getting something. A friend of mine from NYC was in town earlier this year doing a show at a the big G, and when someone approached her with the question “Are you available next March?” she thought he was crazy. She thought no one who does stage work knows where they’ll be in 12 or 13 or 14 months! (Or mostly no one.) I had to tell her that in this city if you don’t have work in the next six months, you’re not likely to get any. Everything is scheduled very far advance.

It didn’t used to be this way. It used to be audition on Monday and start rehearsals the following week. Practically.

So I guess if I want an acting gig….I better start keeping an eye out for it.


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