Recovery takes a long time. Or so it seems. I haven’t posted in over a week because the carousel wasn’t stopping or slowing down. Fortunately I was on a cool horse that actually moved rather than some stock-still ostrich or some other boring thing.

Clearly my analogies are suffering.

The whole fringe festival went way beyond expectation. Our shows were packed, including a final sold out performance, turning away a couple dozen people. (And from what I understand a few of them were pissed about it, to which I say, “Well, next time get there early, bud.”) We were the #8 selling show (of 162) in the entire festival, the only thing to sell out The Southern, and by far the most successful drama. Lots of popular and critical acclaim (a few curmudgeons and crackpots in the audience reviews notwithstanding.) And plenty of good people (ie: who had never seen my directing, and who might get me work someday) saw the show, too.

It was an exhausting week. I myself saw 18 shows (not including mine) which isn’t too shabby, and I easily could have seen more if I hadn’t been at my own shows or trying to get people to my show. I met some new faces (local and otherwise) and saw a number of great things.

So now that I’ve had time to breathe a bit, have a few nights off, a little R&R….what’s the next step?


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