Blood, Thievery and Hurdles to Jump before it Rocks the house

Things have been so busy the past week getting ready for opening, and a few crazy things too, like:

  • Last week at the end of a rehearsal one of the actors asked if we were rehearsing Saturday, which we weren’t. He said that was good because he’d scheduled his wisdom teeth extraction for Friday and thought that Saturday might be a problem. I know that on the spectrum of “it was a breeze” to “it was horrible” when it comes to wisdom teeth that I landed much closer to the end of “it was horrible” than many people I know. I also know that I was on pain meds for about four or five days, which made me either nauseous or loopy, and that I didn’t speak clearly several days. Now, we don’t open until Friday, but still….I was less than excited to hear this news. Has it hindered us? Um…Yes. Due to problems with sockets and stitches and stuff…he was over a half-hour late one day, and an hour late the next. I can’t fire him because we open in five days. Despite it all, he continues to do good work. Fingers crossed for Friday.
  • Sunday night rehearsal was intended to be a breezy run-thru, just to be ready for Monday morning tech. I arrive at the church and discover everyone rearranging the room, because everything had been shifted around. This fellowship room in the church basement is one of those multi-functional places, with a lot of odds and ends, folding tables and chairs, a small kids play area, etc. Turns out that the huge pile of used furniture that had been stored in the corner of the room (beds, end tables, etc. all looking like they were waiting for a rummage sale) had all been cleared out—which was great! It was kind of in the way. One of the actors says, “All that junk is gone! Now we have more room!” Then Nancy tells me….“We can’t find the chair, the other chair, the magazine rack….or the rope.” chairsWTF?! I had been told we could store our stuff there between rehearsals, and apparently someone decided our items were part of the flea market! We’re to move in to the space the following morning, and my hard-to-find wooden, old, straightback chairs are gone? And why would anyone take 40′ of rope that has a clip attached to it, and which is stored inside an enclosed wooden crate? Thankfully, those items have all been located and will be returned. Although in the meantime I ran around finding, scrounging and picking up replacements, and buying more rope and hardware. I’m still waiting for an apology. I guess on the bright side, we now we just have to choose which chair to actually use.
  • Tech rehearsal. I’ll say. I find tech rehearsals stressful and tedious. (I mean, not as stressful and tedious as photo call. Nowhere close to that kind of animal.) For the most part though, this went just fine. We’ve got excellent techs in that space (and some great equipment) and I think the show is going to look pretty good. The only drawback is we were the first show to tech in the space and it’s new equipment that the techs were just trained on, so some of the controls of the board took a bit longer to figure out than they might otherwise have. And by a bit longer I mean twice, which squeezed in to our time. So that was issue #1. Add to that, # 2 the actor who showed up an hour late, # 3 the main feature of the set—two platforms that get connected together by some connecting hardware—twisted and broke its hardware requiring me to drag it out of there and get it fixed (which it now is,) and # 4 there’s completely insufficient storage space and we may need to bring our stuff in and out of the space for each performance, so I need to invest in Advil.
On the good news side of the coin…this show is going to rock. And there’s no stopping that.

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