Fringe-For-All, Podcasts and Sets (oh..yikes)

This day job is getting in the way!

There’s so much to do, and so little time, it seems. What’s crazy is that this whole production is incredibly well organized (if I do say so myself.) It’s just that there are a lot of little tasks and time consuming things to do, and there are a few other life items on the schedule, including the whole desire to sleep. So what gives?

The other day our lead actor and I did an interview for a local theater podcast website, That was a lot of fun, even if I wasn’t coherently responding to a few of the questions—a number of which I should have anticipated, like “Out of 165 shows, why see this one?” Uhm…well…uhm… I guess it didn’t turn out as bad as I thought at the time, though it could’ve be better. Of course I hate hearing my own voice, as most everyone does. That interview was squeezed in, literally, between work and rehearsal, making for another 14 hour day.

I spent yesterday morning prepping for a house project that will make our home much prettier, and then spent the whole afternoon building a few set pieces for the show. (Although I didn’t do it alone.) They turned out to be really cool and do just what I had hoped they would be. Two separate, multipurpose pieces that then connect together and become one object and used for two more purposes. It’s brilliant! Fortunately I was able to describe and diagram out with some specs what we wanted, give it to my friend Luther who knows how to build things, and he found a way to make it work and made a suggestion to make it all even more appealing! (Plus, he has an electric saw, several drills, a table saw, skills etc.)

Tonight is the Fringe-For-All and I’m kind of psyched for it. Thirty of the productions in the Fringe present up to 3 minutes of their show. I attended this last year (when I wasn’t doing a show) and it was a lot of fun, and a great way to get a glimpse of what’s going to be there and what to see.

Saturday we rehearsed what we’re presenting. And rehearsed it again. And again. And again. I told them I should apparently always make them run things five times because it was eventually the best they’d ever done it. I think it’s going to go well.

Did I mention I’ll be going out of town for a couple days too?

This will be a busy crazy week, to be capped off by tech (and our only time in the space before opening) next Monday.



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