Actors are Fascinating

Right now I’m directing show. A show I co-wrote even. Tonight at rehearsal I realized that these actors are working hard. Really hard. They’re taking in information from all sorts of places, putting it together, manipulating their work and shaping it more and more each day.

At last night’s rehearsal I gave a long list of notes. I certainly didn’t expect them to be fully incorporated by the next day. They’re not, and that’s OK, but what’s amazing is there are other new things that appear, other things that coming in to shape. Even if not fully realized, it’s all coming together slowly, but it’s coming together. It’s a fascinating process to watch.

And after being an actor myself all these years, it’s interesting to me that the process is fascinating me! Acting is a delicate, difficult combination of skill, technique and intangible artistry. I love it! And I’m realizing I’m very fortunate to have the cast I do, working on my play.

Well…to be fair I should write that we’re very fortunate to have the cast we do, working on our play. I certainly can’t take all the credit and haven’t done this alone.

In an interview earlier today about the show I found myself actually saying the words “I’m very proud of what this cast has done, and the work they’re putting in to it.” And it wasn’t even something I thought about as in, “oh this would be a good thing to say.” I had been asked why someone should see our show, and this simply came out as part of the answer. I guess I said that instead of “because it’s going to be good.” Instead, I said what was on my mind and what I truthfully felt.

I’m proud. And appreciative. And impressed.


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