Fringe Frenzy

The Minnesota Fringe Festival launched the 2009 site and schedule today. Being a long-time participant and patron, I was looking forward to seeing what this year’s site looks like. (Once again, I like the design.)

More importantly, I was curious to see what else was going to be there, and how my own show fares in the mix.

But upon viewing the new site, my only real reaction was panic.

There are so many shows to check out to decide if I want to see them, and I have to put a schedule together because I want to see this, that and the other thing, and after only a few minutes of looking I realized I was freaking out at the anxiety of how exhausting those 10 days can be!

So I immediately logged out, and closed my browser.

A little while later I took a deep breath and jumped back in. I added my own show to my schedule, and then started hunting for a few others I know of and….I’m already over booked.

It’s going to be a long summer.


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