First rehearsals

Today has been another one of those days that make me glad I have some show to go work on this evening. And while a blocking rehearsal isn’t the most enjoyable, it’s at least something. It will at least give a sense of accomplishment.

Last night was our first rehearsal. It was just an overview of our plan for the show, a read-thru and a great discussion about the characters, their actions and relationships, the story and what it all means. There was a bit of feeling things out, figuring out the language of this piece and the language of this cast. One of my weaknesses as a director is figuring out the right words to use with any given actor. My AD, for instance, is someone I’ve worked with many times. The two of us can practically grunt incoherently and get the other’s meaning. She’s been my assistant on other things. I suspect she might be able to translate for me with this too.

It feels good to have that first rehearsal under our belt. It’ll feel even better to get through the next few, where we block and start working things, and start carving out a path.

I expressed last night how I don’t want our rehearsals to be these exhausting taxing endeavors. So we’ll always plan for two hour rehearsals, with a two and half hour max. After all, it’s only a  one hour show and we have several weeks to put it together. We also have a number of scheduling conflicts that we’ll be working around.

It may turn out, that all-in-all, it’s a slow process, but I hope a deliberate one, with a nicely polished piece in the end.


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