Today’s another day of anticipation, because tomorrow is our first rehearsal!

I went through the script again this afternoon, and made minor tweaks that I had noted during the recent read-thru. Nothing major, all rather irrelevant changes. Tomorrow I’ll probably do it again, to see if there’s anything else to change. There are some things that I want to change because of the way they currently read, or because I fear they hold things back. But then again, we put those words there for a reason, and actors have an uncanny ability to make the illogical on page, logical on stage. (Oh, didn’t mean to rhyme there.) So I want to keep it for now, and see what happens.

Then it’s off to the copy shop so I can bring fresh scripts to the actors tomorrow night, so that when I refer to pg 12, we’re all looking at the same page.

Then…then….oh, man. Then what?!

I always dread the first few rehearsals. I think it takes two or three days to start getting my feet wet, in order to know where we’re going, how to proceed, what to say. Meanwhile everyone looks to the director for….direction.

Once we’re on track, things will move along, and we’ll find the challenges that need to be addressed, and all will be fine. Until then, I feel like a deer caught in headlights. Well, maybe not quite that much, and maybe (hopefully) not this time, but what to do, what to do….

Wait, and see, I guess.


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