Waiting for playtime

Photography being a hobby of mine, one of my often used subjects is my dog. Poor thing. She’s actually a bit camera shy. Doesn’t like having her picture taken and isn’t sure what’s happening. So sometimes getting a good picture of her is difficult.

Plus there’s the element of movement. She mostly has too speeds: off and and off-the-walls.

This picture is on my desktop at work because it’s one of my favorite shots of her. It’s from a Saturday last Fall (when my new digital camera had just arrived) and taken on our sunporch, where she spends much of her time watching and monitoring the street.


This is just how I picture her throughout the day, while I’m away. Lying patiently, favorite toy nearby and ready, eyes aimed toward the door, waiting for me to come home. And the moment I do come home? She grabs that toy and brings it to me as if it’s the latest, greatest, biggest discovery ever!

I’m sure it’s just me that reacts this way to the picture, but these are the reasons I like this shot. To me, it evokes her spirit.


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