One step forward, Two steps back

There’s this audition for a Fall production. The audition is next week. The director is good and well respected. We know each other only through the local theatre scene. We’ve never worked together.

I should sign up.

But I know two things: 1. My chances of her casting me is likely very slim because I am not only probably not right for a part, I suspect she can cast this without auditions. 2. I’m not prepared to bring a solid monologue to the audition, and since I’ve never even auditioned for her I don’t want it to be weak.

How lame is that?! I’m ashamed.

I should always—it’s worth repeating—always have several pieces ready at the drop of a hat for auditions. There are times when that’s been true, but at the moment the only things I could bring forth with little prep would not be right, needs to be replaced and wouldn’t suffice. So many auditions these days are readings, or just invited call backs. I don’t have to do monologues as often these days!

This is horrible, and I feel like a complete loser. I think I’m going to just pass.

It’s (yet another) new company’s inaugural production, and this play (a very cool Guare piece) is supposedly representative of what they hope to do, so I’m interested to see what happens. To see what they do next. And perhaps, next time around for them, I’ll be ready.

I could justify all this by saying, “You know what? I’ve spent the past 5 months or so researching and writing a new, exciting play that I’m going to be going in to rehearsals for in a couple weeks.” And I could go on about how busy I am, and I don’t even have time to prep! And that’s all true.

Still – I should be ready. That’s a lousy excuse.

In the good news category, though, I was asked this week about my interest in directing a workshop and possible full production of a new script next Spring. This is for someone with whom I’ve only…sort of worked with. (It’s complicated.) They feel confident from what they know and have seen. They’ll see my directing work first hand later this summer. They sent the script. I’ll see what I think. We’ll chat later. We’ll see how it goes.

So…minus 1 for not being ready, plus 1 for garnering interest from others.

Oh, let’s be honest, shall we?

-2 for not being ready.

I’m down 1.


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